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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

Three Perks Of Invisalign Braces (Besides Being Invisible)

by April Myers

Invisalign braces are quite popular due to the fact that they're practically invisible when being worn. This simple fact makes them an excellent choice for working professionals, and anyone else who doesn't want their first impression on people to be that they're wearing braces. However, invisible braces have a lot of benefits going beyond simply being non-obtrusive. Here are three of them.

You Can Eat What You Want

Invisible braces are designed to be taken off when you eat. This means that unlike traditional braces, you can eat whatever you want.

Traditional braces implement certain rules about what you can eat, outlawing things like sticky foods, hard foods like nuts, popcorn, and gum. This is because any of these foods can potentially damage the braces, even going so far as to pull out the wires or to yank off the brackets holding them to your teeth. However, since you won't be wearing your invisible braces when you eat, there's zero impact on them. You're free to enjoy your favorite foods without worrying about whether or not they're going to harm your teeth or braces.

Cleaning is a Breeze

In the same way that invisible braces are taken off for eating, they're also removed when you brush your teeth. This saves you the hassle of trying to work around dental brackets and wires when keeping your teeth and gums clean. Difficulty cleaning traditional braces is common, and some people come out of the treatment with white lines left on their teeth from enamel damage. As food and bacteria build up around the edges of the brackets, this damage is commonly done.

With invisible braces, you simply take them off before doing your regular oral hygiene care. Then, once your teeth and gums are clean, you just brush your invisible braces with your toothbrush. Some dentists will also give you an antibacterial solution to occasionally soak your braces in. Overall, keeping your teeth and braces clean is far easier with invisible braces.

Less Jaw Pain

If you struggle with regular jaw soreness and pain, it's possible that invisible braces could help you out here, too.

Many people grind their teeth in their sleep without realizing it and end up with sore temporomandibular joints, the joints responsible for the opening and closing of your mouth. Traditional braces have no impact on this pain, so it won't get worse, but with invisible braces, it could get better.

This is because you wear your invisible braces at night and they provide a layer of plastic covering your upper and lower teeth. When you clench your teeth together, the teeth won't actually come in contact with each other, reducing the risk of jaw pain.