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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

Common Root Canal Worries To Understand

by April Myers

If your tooth hurts a great deal and you think you may have an infection, then you should be making an appointment to see your dentist as soon as possible. Infections require some quick and precise treatment and a root canal is typically the go-to option for internal infection issues. With that said, you may be concerned and scared at the mention of a root canal. Learn about a few common worries and why you should feel good about the treatment.

Root Canals Mean Destroying The Tooth

When most people think of a root canal, they think of a highly diseased tooth that will likely need to be extracted in the future. However, this is the complete opposite of the truth. The treatment is actually used to try to prevent tooth loss. While the tooth is diseased in a serious way, the infection is concentrated within the center portion of the tooth. Once the infected material is removed, the outer layers can be left behind. This leaves a strong outer shell that can continue to chew and grind food. 

While this is true, you should understand that the tough and strong parts of your tooth can become decayed if the infection is not treated. In this way, the decay occurs from the inside out, meaning that you have an internal cavity. This cannot be repaired and will require extraction. 

In some cases, the top of the tooth requires stabilization with crown placement. However, this does allow your dentist to save the majority of your natural tooth structure. And, the replacement crown may even look more aesthetically pleasing than your natural tooth. 

Root Canals Are Long And Arduous

Decades ago, the root canal process was a long and arduous one. The dentist had to use a variety of tools to clean out the tooth and make sure that the infectious bacteria were killed off. However, the process is a much simpler one due to technology.

Simple tools are still used during the drilling and cleaning, but lasers may now be used to kill bacteria. Not only does this allow for more complete eradication of the microorganisms, but you can also typically have the complete root canal completed in a single appointment. The old process required medicating the tooth and filling it in at a later date. However, once the laser is used, the tooth can be filled and capped immediately. 

Get more information about root canals and why you should not be afraid to receive one by speaking to your dentist