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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

Dental Emergency Issues - When Does Pain Really Mean An Emergency

by April Myers

There are a few common reasons why a person would contact an emergency dentist. And, pain tops the list as the most immediate concern for the majority of patients. Pain is not always an emergency though, so you should look for some telltale signs that the discomfort is telling you to seek dental assistance as soon as possible.

Pain Increases With Movement Or When Lying Flat

A tooth may simply throb in pain no matter what you are doing. However, there are situations where pain increases substantially based on how you position your head or your body. If you notice pain that increases when you tip or bend your head or when you lie your head flat on a pillow, then this is a sign of a serious and advanced infection. At this time, the infection has progressed enough to affect the nerves both inside the tooth and all across the jaw and mouth.

In this situation, you are also likely to see some significant swelling along the jaw and face. A foul smell may be coming from the mouth or from a specific tooth. You may also see some foul-smelling fluid escaping from the gum tissues.

The good news is that you can often receive a prescription quickly to treat the infection and other care can be completed at a later date. If you wait, you may be forced to go to the hospital where IV antibiotics must be used to kill the bacteria instead. Teeth may be lost as well if you wait too long.

You Are Also Fatigued 

Dental infections are sometimes quiet for a period of time. They may build and increase in severity until you feel pain and soreness. It can be hard to tell if the infection is something new or if it has been quietly simmering for some time. If you have been fatigued for a few weeks and if you have also experienced a low-grade fever, then this likely means that the infection has been an issue for a little while.

If you think that an oral infection has been more of a long-term problem and is only getting worse by the time you start feeling pain, then you need to see an emergency dentist right away. The longer the infection goes on, the more likely you are to form a bloodborne infectious issue. Septic infections will often require hospitalization and may lead to serious heart complications.