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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

Do The Right Things If You Get Broken Brackets On Your Braces

by April Myers

Dental emergencies can be scary experiences, and individuals who wear braces may have more concerns than those who do not. This is because they face the same potential dental emergency risks that others in the population face, but they also could have orthodontic emergencies. Perhaps you wear braces. If so, you likely use precautions but know that inconveniences such as broken brackets can occur.

The following points will help you know what to do if you get a broken bracket.

Do Not Panic

This may sound absurd if your brackets break for the first time and you have not been given any information about the steps to take to remedy the situation or minimize serious injury or damage to your braces. You should not panic, because broken brackets do not usually involve tooth loss or loose teeth. However, your teeth could be compromised if the broken bracket occurs due to mouth trauma. Stay calm and avoid touching the area as much as you can.

Do Not Be Afraid to Examine

You will need to determine the extent of the damage to your braces. Sometimes whole pieces of braces can break off. This type of issue can result in mouth irritation because of the bracket rubbing against sensitive oral tissue. Brackets can also loosen but not actually separate from teeth. Take the time to examine the area so you know what to tell your orthodontist.

Regardless of the extent of the damage, an orthodontist will need to inspect and make repairs to damaged braces. Depending on the extent of the damage, some patients can postpone braces repair until their next appointments. Be prepared to explain the damages you see if there are barriers that prevent you from going to the orthodontist. 

Do Plan Ahead

Even with the best braces care, broken brackets can happen. You can help make the experience easier by being prepared. Ensure that you have orthodontic wax. It may be needed to temporarily secure broken brackets. Store over-the-counter pain relievers for pain relief if needed. Keep orthodontic appointments, which can aid in identifying issues with brackets before they break.

Making use of an orthodontist's after-hours options is a good resource to use if you break a bracket or have another orthodontic emergency. They can offer the best temporary solutions for minor and complex issues. Try to keep your braces in good condition, and contact your dental care specialist for any other questions about braces.