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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments For Extreme Tooth Discoloration

by April Myers

If your teeth are discolored, your dentist will recommend the best cosmetic dentistry treatment options based on the cause of the discoloration, your desired outcome, and the general state of your oral health.

While professional laser whitening treatments and home bleaching kits can help eliminate mild to moderate staining, discoloration that is caused by injuries or maternal use of the antibiotic tetracycline may require alternative treatments. Here are some cosmetic treatment options for dental discoloration caused by both tooth injuries and maternal use of antibiotics. 


Overlays are also known as veneers and are used to hide dental imperfections such as tooth discoloration, chips, and cracks in the enamel. Overlays are made from ceramic, and although they do not actually get rid of the discoloration or other dental imperfections, they can hide them very well. Overlays can also improve the appearance of carious teeth that have become discolored as a result of cavities.

Before your dentist can begin the overlay procedure, however, he or she will need to treat the cavities by drilling the affected teeth so that the decayed matter can be effectively removed. Overlays can last for many years; however, you will need to avoid things such as biting your nails and biting down on hard foods with the overlaid teeth because these activities can cause the veneer to break or fall off. 

Dental Implants

If you are seeking an alternative to overlays for your stained teeth, consider dental implants. They replace your natural teeth, and while the dental implant process can take months to complete, the end result is typically very pleasing.

If your mother took tetracycline while pregnant with you, your adult teeth may be deeply discolored and appear grey or brown. This type of discoloration typically does not respond to home bleaching or professional laser whitening treatments, and because of this, many people who have antibiotic-related tooth discoloration opt for dental implants.

While intrinsic staining often affects all the teeth, you can choose to get dental implants only for the most visible teeth in the front of your mouth. Before starting the implant procedure, your dentist will perform a comprehensive examination to make sure that your jawbones are healthy enough to withstand the implantation of the titanium rods. 

To learn more about cosmetic dentistry options for extreme tooth discoloration, make an appointment with your dentist. He or she will recommend the best treatment options specific to your individual dental health needs.

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