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Think about how many times per day you rely on your teeth. You use them to chew breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You press your tongue against them to make certain sounds when you speak. There's really no doubt about it — your teeth are important, and they deserve your respect. You can pay them that respect by visiting your dentist for regular cleaning and checkup appointments. You should also call at the first sign of dental pain, tooth discoloration, or other oral health changes. Read more about dentists and dentistry here on this blog, where we dive deep into related topics.


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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

How To Get Past Your Fear Of The Dentist

by April Myers

Do you have issues when it comes to visiting the dentist that prevent you from going? You may have a simple fear of having dental work done or end up having a panic attack when you need to push yourself to go. This problem is more common than you may think, and it's known as dental anxiety. Here are some ways that you can overcome your fear.

Let Your Dentist Know

If you have dental anxiety, it is always a good idea to let your dentist know what issues you have with going to the dentist. For example, if it is the sound of drills that you absolutely hate, then your dentist may try to schedule your visit at a time that other dental work is not happening. If it is the fear of experiencing pain, your dentist may decide to use a form of dental sedation to make you more comfortable. 

Bring Someone For Support

Sometimes it can help to have someone else there to help you when you visit the dentist. Consider bringing a friend or family member along to actually drive you to the dental office so that you do not back out of your visit. That person can even be with you the entire time and go into the exam room as well since sometimes all it takes is some additional support to get through it. 

Find Distractions

Sometimes it is best to find ways to distract yourself from the things about the dentist that cause you the most anxiety. For example, listening to music with noise-canceling headphones can help eliminate all of the sounds that may cause you to become fearful. 

Try Sedation

Your dentist can prescribe you a medication for oral sedation, which you take prior to going to the dentist and will make you feel more at ease with the entire experience. By having lower anxiety, your fears will hopefully go away and you won't have the panic that you usually have when you get dental work done. If you have extreme dental anxiety, then you may need a more serious form of sedation to make you feel at ease. Nitrous oxide can help make you much more relaxed while you have dental work done, and it works fast and wears off quickly as well. 

Still feeling nervous about going to the dentist? Reach out to your dentist and ask how they can help you get through it. 

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