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Think about how many times per day you rely on your teeth. You use them to chew breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You press your tongue against them to make certain sounds when you speak. There's really no doubt about it — your teeth are important, and they deserve your respect. You can pay them that respect by visiting your dentist for regular cleaning and checkup appointments. You should also call at the first sign of dental pain, tooth discoloration, or other oral health changes. Read more about dentists and dentistry here on this blog, where we dive deep into related topics.


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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

4 Easy Steps To Help You Prepare For A Dental Cleaning

by April Myers

Many patients are nervous about coming to the dentist for teeth cleaning. However, the process doesn't have to be unpleasant. In fact, there are things you can do to make your next dental visit easier. Here are 4 simple ways you can prepare for a dental cleaning.

1) Avoid eating hard or crunchy foods before your dental appointment

If you're tempted to snack before your teeth cleaning, avoid hard candy, crunchy chips, and similar foods. Eating these types of foods can irritate your gums and make them more sensitive to the dental cleaning process. Stick with soft foods free of refined sugar, such as applesauce or mashed potatoes, if you get hungry.

2) Brush and floss thoroughly before coming to the dentist

Your dental office can help you brush and floss, but it doesn't hurt to do it at home first. This will help remove any plaque or bacteria that could be hiding in your mouth, making the dental cleaning process more effective.

3) Rinse your mouth with a salt water solution

Some patients are nervous about getting their teeth cleaned because they are afraid the dentist will think their breath smells. If you're concerned about bad breath, try rinsing your mouth with a salt water solution before your dental appointment. This will help remove any odors from your mouth and leave you feeling refreshed.

Also, if bad breath is a problem you experience regularly, be honest with your dentist. They can check for common culprits and help remedy the problem.

4) Relax and take deep breaths

It's normal to feel nervous before a dental appointment, but try to relax as much as possible. Taking deep breaths will help you stay calm and make the dental cleaning process go more smoothly.

If you're nervous during your dental visit, you may tense your jaw or neck muscles without realizing it. This can lead to discomfort during your teeth cleaning, and the pain may even linger after your appointment. Take deep breaths, meditate, listen to soothing music, or try other methods for anxiety relief before and during your appointment. If you need additional ideas for preventing dental anxiety, reach out to your dentist for help.

Choose the right dental office for your next teeth cleaning

It's important that you feel comfortable with your dental care team. When you're looking for a dental office, be sure to find one that makes you feel at ease. Don't be afraid to ask questions before making an appointment, during your teeth cleaning, or after your visit. The right dental team will be happy to help!  For more information on teeth cleaning, contact a professional near you.