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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

Signs You Need To Replace Your Dentures

by April Myers

Some people prefer dentures over dental implants because they are affordable. Besides, dentures can serve you for a longer time. You just need to know when to get new dentures. Here are some signs that your dentures are due for replacement.

Speech Problem

Dentures should never interfere with your ability to talk. So, once you notice a speech impediment, you should see the dentist immediately. Maybe your dentures need readjusting, or they no longer have structural integrity. If the dentist concludes that the dentures are old, you'll need to upgrade to new ones. There is no need to put up with pronunciation problems when you can get new dentures.

They Have Changed Colors

Dentures are designed to resemble your teeth and gums. However, as your dentures age, they might lose their original color. And since you don't want an unnatural smile, you'll have no choice but to get new dentures. There is no reason to hold on to discolored dentures as they'll affect your confidence.

They Are Damaged

Dentures aren't immune to damage. And since you'll be using them to chew food, they'll obviously be subject to wear and tear. So, if you spot physical damage on your dentures, rush to your dentist immediately. The dentist will inspect the extent of the damage and decide if repairs are possible. If not, they'll ask you to invest in a new pair of dentures.

They Are Loose

Once your dentures become loose, it's a sign that they need to be readjusted or replaced. So, if you have had your dentures for a long time, but they have started coming loose, don't hesitate to see your local dentists. In most cases, old loose dentures can't be readjusted. Besides, they have served their time, and it's best to replace them.

Sores Along the Gum Line

Another sign you need to replace your dentures is sores along the gum line. In most cases, sores develop due to a loose fit. So, as your dentures become old, the fit will change, and the friction might cause lesions or sores on the gum line. And as you'd expect, these sores will cause you pain and discomfort. In that case, get rid of the old dentures, heal your wounds and get a new pair.

Eating Has Become Uncomfortable

Have you been having problems when chewing food? Well, that clearly indicates that your current dentures have a problem. Either they are too tight or they're too loose. Whichever the case, you need to get a new pair of dentures. 

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