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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

How Dental Implants Help Athletes Who Lose Teeth

by April Myers

Competing in athletic events helps to keep many people physically active and provides many other health benefits as well. However, some athletes may experience dental damage that can be very devastating if it isn't properly treated and repaired. As a result, it is important to consider care options such as dental bridges or implants. For athletes, implants are probably the best choice.

Dental Bridges May Cause Some Issues

When a young athlete loses some teeth due to impact damage — such as heavy hit during a soccer match that knocks two heads together — replacement teeth are necessary. Without these replacement items, a person's jaw can suffer from excessive pain due to strain on the bone and muscle. Even worse, the person's face may sag and show signs of early aging that can be very hard to tolerate. And the lack of teeth may make it harder to wear a mouth guard to protect the rest of the teeth.

Thankfully, care options are available for this problem. For example, dental bridges fill in gaps in a person's smile to make it more complete. However, dental bridges have some limitations that may make them tougher for an athlete. For example, they may be prone to breaking in ways that other care options may not. Therefore, those athletes missing teeth may want to consider a more resilient option, such as dental implants.

Dental Implants May Help

Dental implants are unique because they are installed directly into the jaw of the person who is missing a tooth. This approach is different from that of bridges because dental bridges are placed on supporting struts next to the gap in the smile. As a result, implants are stronger and more resilient than bridges and are much less likely to suffer from damage during an athletic event.

And dental implants require less care than a bridge because of their design. For example, bridges must be brushed under and carefully flossed to keep them strong. However, implants can be treated like normal teeth and can last for years longer than bridges. That durability makes them a good choice for an athlete who may not have a lot of excess money to spend on dental care.

And while implants won't last an athlete's full life, they do last longer than bridges and are also covered by most types of dental insurance. As a result, they are a greater choice for those who may experience more heavy hits on the competitive field. Talk to a dentist if you are interested in dental implants.