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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

Think about how many times per day you rely on your teeth. You use them to chew breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. You press your tongue against them to make certain sounds when you speak. There's really no doubt about it — your teeth are important, and they deserve your respect. You can pay them that respect by visiting your dentist for regular cleaning and checkup appointments. You should also call at the first sign of dental pain, tooth discoloration, or other oral health changes. Read more about dentists and dentistry here on this blog, where we dive deep into related topics.


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Show Your Teeth Some Respect

    3 Things You Should Know About Your Child's Baby Teeth

    Everyone knows that children first develop baby teeth before finally getting their permanent, adult teeth. But if you've had your first child, you may not know all the important things about your child's baby teeth. If you want to ensure that you're doing a good job, here are three important things you should know about. 1. They Need Care Even though your child will eventually lose their baby teeth, that doesn't mean that they don't need dental care and regular teeth cleaning at home.

    Three Tips To Making Your Next Dental Appointment Comfortable

    Many people harbor no phobias or anxiety about going to the dentist but continue to avoid going. This is often simply because going to the dentist isn't the most comfortable thing in the world. Lying still for half an hour or more while your teeth are taken care of can make your mouth and jaw feel uncomfortable and your stress levels rise. So what can you do to minimize this impact and have your most comfortable teeth cleaning ever?

    5 Questions About Recovering From A Tooth Extraction

    Do you need to have a tooth extracted, but are worried about what is going to happen after you go home from the dentist? Here are some questions you'll have about what you should do. How Do You Stop The Bleeding From The Extraction Site? It is common for the extraction site to bleed after you leave the dentist's office, but it should be minimal. You'll be given gauze by the dentist to bite down on in order to help form a blood clot.

    Why Is One Tooth So Sensitive?

    If you have one tooth that is overly sensitive to ice cream, coffee, or anything else that is hot or cold, you may want to discuss this with your dentist at your next visit. When just one tooth feels this way, you should find out why, as this is not normal. Here are three reasons you might feel sharp twinges of pain and sensitivity with one tooth in your mouth.

    Getting A Dental Implant? Why You Need Healing Abutments

    Some people think that dental implants require only one surgery, but there are often a series of appointments for implant placement. For example, you may need to have teeth extracted, or you may need to undergo bone grafting if you don't have enough jaw support for the implant. Your dentist may need to take impressions and find the right shade of the implant crown so that it matches your natural teeth.

    How Dental Implants Help Athletes Who Lose Teeth

    Competing in athletic events helps to keep many people physically active and provides many other health benefits as well. However, some athletes may experience dental damage that can be very devastating if it isn't properly treated and repaired. As a result, it is important to consider care options such as dental bridges or implants. For athletes, implants are probably the best choice. Dental Bridges May Cause Some Issues When a young athlete loses some teeth due to impact damage — such as heavy hit during a soccer match that knocks two heads together — replacement teeth are necessary.

    How Family Dentists Help Parents Of Children Who Fight Their Dental Care

    Children aren't always easy to take care care of for some parents because they often fight healthcare treatments because they don't understand how important the treatments are for their health. For example, many children may have bad oral care because they don't take it seriously. As a result, parents may need to work with a family dentist to get the kind of care that their child deserves. Oral Health Problems May Be Hard to Manage in Children

    Do You Have Tooth Pain Or Swollen Gums? Make Sure It's Not An Abscess

    If you have been having a toothache, you may have been using over-the-counter medication until you get into the dentist. However, if you notice a sore on your gums or are experiencing a toothache along with a fever, gum swelling, bad breath, and/or taste changes, you may have an abscess. Abscesses are dangerous and require the help of an emergency dentist. Take a look at why this condition is so serious and how a dentist can help.